Unlockable Music Tapes These tapes can be played from the cassette menu in the iDroid. You can use the microphone on your binoculars to search the area and pinpoint the tapes location as you will hear the music. Unlockable How to Unlock 204863 Kungenga Mine, SW guard post A Phantom Pain Wakh Sind Barracks, NE […]


List of PC Console Codes Below is the basic list of all important console codes. Be sure to check out our Item Spawn Codes page for all of the items and NPCs that can be spawned. PLAYER COMMANDS god Enable invincibility healme Refill Geralt’s HP bar Ciri Switch player character to Ciri Geralt Revert player […]

Lara Croft – Tomb Raider: The Prophecy Cheats

Password Effect PRLD Level 1 HELL Level 10 WEFX Level 11 MEMO Level 12 HEAR Level 13 FITZ Level 14 ELRC Level 15 CLIK Level 16 MGSL Level 17 ROMA Level 18 MONK Level 19 GAZE Level 2 AEON Level 20 TIME Level 21 OLIM Level 22 LAND Level 23 DART Level 24 HILL Level […]

Tomb Raider: Legend Cheats for PC

Cheat Codes Enter these codes during gameplay. NOTE-These codes can only be entered after unlocking them. Code Effect Hold L, then press A, R, Y, R, X, R Bulletproof Hold L, then press X, B, A, R, R, Y Draw Enemy Health Hold L, then press A, B, A, R, X, Y Infinite Assault Rifle […]


Glitches Infinite Fusion Cores Progress up until the point you are allied with the Prydwen. You can pickpocket a fusion core from one the Knights inside the ship (make sure you do not get caught). Once you pickpocket the fusion core from the Knight, he/she will come out of the Powersuit, replenish their fusion core […]

IGI 2: Covert Strike Cheats for PC

Cheat Codes Level select Hold [Left Control] + [Left Shift] + [F9] at the main menu, then start the game. All levels will now be unlocked. irnear Mission skip Press [Esc] during game play. Go to “Controls” then press [Prt Scr] to advance to the next mission. Alternately, press [Left Ctrl] + [Left Shift] + […]

The Sims 4 Cheats for PC

Motherlode – Money Cheat 50,000 Open the Cheat Console: CTRL + SHIFT + C Type “motherlode”. This adds 50,000 Simoleons to the active household’s funds. Free Real Estate toggle ON/OFF Open the Cheat Console: CTRL + SHIFT + C Type “freeRealEstate”. Only available to type in when in neighborhood/world. When on, home purchases are free. […]

The Sims 3 Cheats cheat for The Sims 3

The Sims 3 Cheats While the daily-grind, hard work and associated rewards are noble ways to go about building your Sims a happy and fruitful lifestyle, there is no Sanbox mode in The Sims 3 which allows you to simply build a dream house and live a life of leisure and luxury with no constraints. […]

The Sims 2 Cheats for PC

How to have Maximum Skills Do the following cheat if you want to fill your skills to the maximum level instantly. Enable the ‘boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true’ code and then pause gameplay without going into ‘Build’ or ‘Buy’. Select your ‘Skills’ icon and when you are in the tab with the skill meter click and drag […]

Azure Striker Gunvolt Cheats for PC

A special pendant will become available to be synthed when you have cashed in at least 3000 Kudos via a checkpoint or offensive skill. Equip that pendant to change the background music to a particular song when you spend enough Kudos in a specific area. The audiolockets can be found at the indicated locations. Beyond […]