Friday the 13th: The Game Cheats

Friday the 13th: The Game Cheat Codes: ———— Submitted by: Chinshit. Run Without Losing Stamina: ————————— Basically all you have to to is equipt a weapon and Press C and Shift at the same time and when you notice that your running all glitchy. Press C again to look like your about to hit someone […]

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Cheats

Sound Test At the title screen, when Alm and Celica are running in the flowery field, press Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, then go to the “Extras” screen to find the “Sound Test” option. Bonus areas Successfully complete the game to unlock the Furia Harbor and Thabes Labyrinth areas. Load your completed save file, and […]

NBA 2K17 Cheats

NBA 2K17Cheat Codes: ———— Submitted by: Chinshit. How to equip Accessories: ————————- There are different ways to get the Accessories, all you need to do is buy them from 2K Store which is a default option or you can earn accessories as rewards by performing different activities on your days off. Sometimes pre-ordered deluxe edition […]


Crash Bandicooot – Level Passwords Enter the following codes at the ‘Password’ screen to enable the corresponding effect.   Giveaways Access ALL Levels: Enter Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, X, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Square, X, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle, X, X, X, X. Castle Machinery at 85% Completion: Enter Triangle(3), […]

Argo Cheats

ArgoCheat Codes: ———— Submitted by: Chinshit. Press “~” ingame and type in “sv_cheats 1”. This will enable cheats. You can use following commands in Argo when sv_cheats 1 is activated: Note: To bring up the console go to the Options Menu, click on “Keyboard,” “Advanced,” check off the Developer Console, resume playing then hit the […]

GTA: Online Independence Day Content Is Now Available

July 4 is Independence Day in America, and to commemorate the occasion, Rockstar will be making special Independence Day DLC for GTA: Online available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC owners. The DLC will include a new racer Vagner, new skins, new weapons, and new T-shirts. You don’t have to download anything, either, because the content has […]