Beast Battle Simulator Cheats

Beast Battle Simulator Cheat Codes: ———— Submitted by: C.A. Emperor Penguin: —————- Clear all challenges to unlock the King Penguin! ($600 in game)!

The Most OP Hog Cycle Deck for F2Ps !!!

Hey everyone! It’s Chinshit here again today, this time with a deck for all you F2P’s and especially new players out there. With 6 commons, 2 rares, and a lot of potential, Hog Cycle is back! Disclaimer: I did not create this deck, and I not sure who did. I’ve just seen it a couple times and […]

3.6 Golem-Bandit Beatdown Deck !!!!

Wassup guys, This deck is disgusting but in an amazing way(does that make sense?). This deck is only 3.6 elixir, making it as cheap as some hog decks, and 0.2-1.4 elixir less than other common golem decks. Real quick, before we go into more details, lemme explain the reason I made this deck, it’s actually quite simple, I […]

Tokyo Xanadu eX+ Trainer

New Playable Characters, New Monsters, Dungeons and Bosses! Aksys Games and Falcom are proud to present Tokyo Xanadu eX+; a massive action RPG! 10 years ago, a colossal earthquake devastated Tokyo and changed the lives of its inhabitants forever. The city has since been rebuilt and life has slowly returned to a semblance of normalcy. However, […]

SpellForce 3 Trainer

SpellForce 3 is the third part in SpellForce series by Grimlore Games. SpellForce 3, the latest entry in the series, was released in December 2017. The game was developed by Grimlore Games and published by THQ Nordic. The story of SpellForce 3 takes place before the events of The Order of Dawn in the fantasy world […]

They Are Billions Trainer

They Are Billions is a strategy game in a distant future about building and managing human colonies after a zombie apocalypse destroyed almost all of human kind. Now there are only a few thousand humans left alive that must struggle to survive under the threat of the infection. Billions of infected roam around the world in […]

Age of Wonders III Cheats

Age of Wonders III Cheat Codes: ———— Submitted by:C.A. Debug Mode cheats: —————— At the launcher, go to Miscellaneous and tick “run in debug mode”, then, in game hold control+alt and press C, then type the code and press Enter. Note that some of these cheats can cause the game to become unstable. Effect Password […]

Nobunaga’s Ambition: Taishi Trainer

Nobunaga’s Ambition: Taishi is the 15th and latest in the historical simulation game series Nobunaga’s Ambition. Where a warrior’s resolve exceeds their ambition. We offer the grandest warring states experience to all the fans out there! (Resolve System): Each clan is set apart due to their various “Resolves.” We will shine a light on the Resolve […]