Azure Striker Gunvolt Cheats for PC

A special pendant will become available to be synthed when you have cashed in at least 3000 Kudos via a checkpoint or offensive skill. Equip that pendant to change the background music to a particular song when you spend enough Kudos in a specific area. The audiolockets can be found at the indicated locations.

Beyond the Blue:
1st Sumeragi

Nebulous Clock:
Subaquatic Base

Azure Door:
Media Tower

Pain from the Past:
Biochem Plant

Scorching Journey:

Rouge Shimmer:

A Zip to the Moon:
Pharma Lab

When you have the correct necklace equipped you will be able to fight the ‘true’ final boss at the end of the Firmament level. To achieve this you must first collect the 7 hidden jewels that are scattered across each stage and speak to Joule who will give you the Handmade Necklace as a reward. If you now beat the Firmament level with the Handmade necklace equipped it will turn into the Broken Necklace which you must wear when beating the Firmament level yet again.

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