Big Farm: Mobile Harvest Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Get the Best Farm EVER

Ever since discovering Big Farm: Mobile Harvest a short while ago, I couldn’t stop playing. Goodgame’s title is slightly different than other farming games and makes me remember the good ol’ days of playing FarmVille on Facebook. I really enjoyed it and decided to come share with you a bunch of Big Farm: Mobile Harvest cheats and tips, a complete strategy guide to help you get the most out of your farm and do it fast.

It’s all pretty straightforward here, but if you just started playing this game and you want to make sure that you take advantage of everything it has to offer, read on for some useful Big Farm tips and tricks!

Follow the in-game missions
The best way to progress faster is by completing the in-game missions. These act as a story line for the game and help you get all the buildings and upgrades in the correct order (for most of the time at least) and also reward you with great items that you can use to keep the production going.

So follow these missions instead of doing things the way you think is best: your progress will get a huge boost if you go with completing the quests first.

Always upgrade something on the farm
You can only upgrade one thing at a time in Big Farm: Mobile Harvest and everything takes longer and longer. Therefore, you should always be working on an upgrade, making sure that you optimize your away times so that when you return you can start working on a new things.

When deciding on what to upgrade first, look into the biggest advantage you get from upgrading that thing. For example, soon after starting the game, you will have the option to upgrade your Farmhouse or your Windmill. Going with the Farmhouse first is the best idea because afterwards, all your construction times will be reduced by 10%. So always look at your multiple options and choose the best one first.

Be smart about your crop production
Go with a similar thing with crop production, too. When you log in to the game, after harvesting your fields, plant crops that are ready fast. Unless you need the flowers for a market order, go for the Corn since it’s used to produce chicken feed and only takes a minute. Try to harvest your fields at least a couple of times before logging out of the game – and when you do, make sure you have planted some crops that require a longer time to be ready.

Join a solid co-op
Being part of a solid cooperative with very active members is extremely important, as each player can donate loyalty points every 10 hours. Automatically, the more active the farmers are, the more points you get and the more goodies you can purchase with them from the special store. Can you collect enough to get the Wellspring of Charity?

Connect the game to Facebook
Big Farm also allows you to connect the game to Facebook and invite your real friends over. It’s a good thing to do because you can earn Gold if they join. And since Gold is the premium currency in the game, it’s extremely useful!

Don’t forget about your dog!
It’s easy to forget about the dog, especially when you just start playing, but you shouldn’t. You can find your dog’s house outside your farm, to the North-West and you should make sure to give him a free treat each day in order to get some free goodies. These are usually free items that will help you with the Market upgrades.

Make every square inch count
You’ll always find that space will be extremely limited in the game, and this is why you have to make sure that every available spot on your farm is occupied and producing something. Take your time when you have it to reorganize the buildings on your farm and arrange them in order to optimize space usage to the maximum. This way, you will get the chance to place even more buildings and decorations to keep the farm running at optimal terms.

Complete market orders
Market orders are extremely important here. They are fairly priced, unlike in most other games out there, and you don’t sell directly to other players. This means that you get instant money and experience (usually quite a bit of both) and this helps you grow your farm and go up the levels.

Also make sure to upgrade your market by purchasing improvements using the special items in the game. Go for the income and XP bonuses first, but work your way up and upgrade all things when you have the chance. As always, focus on those that have an immediate, solid impact.

Take your time
Big Farm: Mobile Harvest is not made to be won or completed in a few days. Invest time and energy in this game, trying to log in multiple times per day in order to maximize production and profits. The game becomes more and more interesting as you go up the levels, with various new buildings being unlocked when you reach a certain level. These new buildings improve the gameplay a lot and make everything even more fun, so it’s worth taking your time and being consistent. It’s all about having fun on the long term and this is exactly what the game provides!


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