The Most OP Hog Cycle Deck for F2Ps !!!

Hey everyone! It’s Chinshit here again today, this time with a deck for all you F2P’s and especially new players out there. With 6 commons, 2 rares, and a lot of potential, Hog Cycle is back! Disclaimer: I did not create this deck, and I not sure who did. I’ve just seen it a couple times and […]

3.6 Golem-Bandit Beatdown Deck !!!!

Wassup guys, This deck is disgusting but in an amazing way(does that make sense?). This deck is only 3.6 elixir, making it as cheap as some hog decks, and 0.2-1.4 elixir less than other common golem decks. Real quick, before we go into more details, lemme explain the reason I made this deck, it’s actually quite simple, I […]

Best Spawner Deck At Master League !!!

Hello everyone! It’s Chinshit here with another deck to share. For many seasons I have challenged myself to reach the master league using a spawner deck without any other win condition. At long last I have succeeded! This powerful deck has allowed me to consistently beat opponents with much higher card levels and achieve my […]

Ultra Mega Powerful Giant Deck !!!!

General Gameplan First minute: Playing passively is the key here. Your job right now would be to make positive Elixir trades. Play lone Bandit to figure out the general type of deck your opponent is running, and to find out what your opponent would use to counter Giant + MK. You can make positive Elixir […]

Mega Golem Deck – The Beatdown God?

Hey, Guys!!  It’s your chinshit here again! I know, I’m terrible with Beatdown, and the Average Elixir Cost could make people cry, but once HeroCow sent me a video of his awesome gameplay, I knew I just had to post this! So, without further delay, let’s get into this amazing deck!   As with any Beatdown, […]

P.E.K.K.A Hog Control – Old But Gold

Hi guys it’s C.A with my second deck here on Clash Royale Arena, a PEKKA Hog Lightning for Arenas 8+. Yeah there are like hundreds of different variations of PHL but here is one that has proved very beneficial for my health and for my trophies. Card Breakdown P.E.K.K.A: I am actually starting to hate […]

X-Bow Beatdown Deck (Heavy and Solid) !!!

General Gameplan The beginning As Elixir advantage is so important to this deck, you really want a Pump in your hand. Cycle a Mega Minion and/or Ice Spirit if you have to It’s understandable that someone would be afraid to Pump early on, but consider the costs of your support cards (3, 4, or 5). […]

Halloween Draft Challenge – Best Tips for Getting Skeleton Barrel !!!

  Skeleton Barrel is a common Card which targets buildings, costing 3 elixir and unlockable from Builder’s Workshop (Arena 6). Once destroyed, the barrel spawns 8 Skeletons on the ground, dealing lots of damage. The level of Skeletons deployed is equal to the level of the Skeleton Barrel. In simple words, in comparison with other […]

Mega Knight Mortar – The Hybrid Deck !!!

Hey guys, it’s Chinshit back at it again this time with the focus on a more off-meta deck. That’s right guys, as requested, here’s a hybrid deck! This one combines the deadly duo of the Mega Knight and the Mortar. so here’s a nice way to showcase this big daddy! Hope you guys enjoy!!! Gameplay: […]

Leaked Cards? Barbarian Barrel, The Ghost and Magical Archer!

Hey, guys, it’s Chinshit! Today I’m gonna be showcasing the leaked cards and give my opinion on them. Let’s get into it! Magical Archer The first new card I’m gonna talk about is the Magical Archer. It’s the card that doesn’t have any card picture in the video. At level 12 it does 168 damage […]