Clash Royale

Clash Royale Cheat Code ( Android / iPhone / iOS )

Various Gameplay Tips

  • Tip 1: After a match begins, wait until your ether is full at 10 and your enemy places their first fighter before starting to place your own troops. You will now have enough ether to position a defensive unit in a required lane and an offensive unit in any undefended opponent lane.
  • Tip 2: Heroes such as the Giant, Baby Dragon, and Prince are capable of dealing large amounts of damage to enemy buildings. If you have elixirs, send your heroes out with an escort in front of them. Use Valkyrie and Musketeer troops to clear the path ahead of your hero.
  • Tip 3: Cards are required to maintain your troops. To get them, unlock chests that are awarded after winning matches. You can also spend gold at the shop to purchase cards.
  • Tip 4: You are limited to bringing a maximum of eight cards into battle. Try to create a balanced deck that has heroes, troops, and spells.
  • Tip 5: Free chests are available every four hours, and accumulate up to two at a time.

Unlock clans and magical chests

  • Tip 1: Make certain to open free and crown chests as typically as you can unlock them. And if you are going to buy silver, gold and wonderful chests, then do so early on prior to unlocking the greater leveled arenas, as they are more affordable, the previously into the game that you are.
  • Tip 2: Sign up with a clan as quickly as you can, and start contributing soldiers to your fellow clan members. You can unlock clans when you hit king’s level 3, and can contribute as much as sixty cards a day, 2 cards per contribution demand. When you ask for a contribution on your own you can stand up to 10 cards. Contribute a typical card to obtain 1 EXP and 5 gold, and contribute a rare card to obtain 5 EXP and 50 gold.

Destroy kings tower

When the battle initially starts, the objective will be to ruin the king’s tower, although the crown towers supply benefits when you ruin them as they offer new generate points for you. After 2 minutes, the speed of elixir production doubles for both celebrations. After 3 minutes, abrupt death mode starts, and the next individual to damage any one tower is the winner. It’s a tie match if no one ruins a tower after 4 minutes.


Various Gold Tips

  • Tip 1: Gold can be bought from the Shop by investing Gems, the game’s superior currency. 60 Gems deserves 1,000 coins, 500 Gems deserves 10,000 gold, and 4,500 gems deserves 100,000 gold (which is the very best value).
  • Tip 2: Open chests to obtain some amount of gold, which differs depending upon the quality of the chest. You also get free chests periodically.
  • Tip 3: Sign up with a active clan after reaching level 3. You can make gold by sending out cards to your clan mates. You can make the most from this system by sending out then getting back the very same kind of card.

Free Gems

  • Tip 1: Silver chests have an even much better possibility at making free gems. Gold chests, even moreso, and after that magic chests, still even moreso. The crown chests, which are offered once every 24 hours or so and then need 10 crowns made in battle in order to get them, make you items comparable to a gold or magic chest, so gather these chests as frequently as you can.
  • Tip 2: The much better the items that are consisted of within the chest, the more than you will make when you open it, however the less typical it will be to discover. In addition to the gold chest, you can get a huge chest, and in addition to the magic chest, you an get an incredibly wonderful chest.
  • Tip 3: If you desire to make free gems and free coins, take a present card for iTunes or Google Play that you got for your birthday or Christmas, and use it on this game. Do so and you will be set to choose some time. Once, the only Cardinal guideline with this is do not use everything up all at.

Normal chests

  • Tip 1: Among the main methods to make free gems is by finishing the achievements. Tap on the icon that resembles a blue ribbon in order to raise the achievements. Complete among them, then return and gather your reward free of charge gems. Otherwise, if you go to the menu there will not be any rewards however you can still use it to discover exactly what you have to do to make more gems.
  • Tip 2: The normal chests provide you 20 approximately gold, along with a semi-decent possibility at gems. Normal chests are the ones that come back every couple of hours or two. You can make them from battle, however not all that frequently. Bizarrely, it’s much more typical that you will wind up making silver chests throughout battle.


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