New Decks for Clash Royale (Arena 3 – Arena 11)

Submitted by: C A.

These are the new and updated decks for Clash Royale. Just make new decks and enjoy the game.

These are the decks I recommend that you use for trophy pushing because all the cards in every deck I’m going to share in this article are fairly easy to obtain and easy to level up. And it’s important that you use the best and highest level cards for moving up in Arenas.

Arena 4: Giant, Witch, Musketeer, Knight, Minions, Cannon, Fireball, Arrows
Arena 5: Hog Rider, Goblin Barrel, Skeleton Army, Fire Spirits, Musketeer, Inferno Tower, Zap, Fireball
Arena 6: Giant, Balloon, Musketeer, Barbarians, Minions, Fire Spirits, Zap, Arrows
Arena 7: Giant, Hog Rider, Musketeer, Barbarbarians, Minions, Elixir Collector, Fireball, Zap
Arena 8+
Electro Wizard, Poison, Graveyard, Knight, Skeletons, Archers, The Log, Furnace
Goblin Barrel, Hog Rider, Skeleton Army, Goblin Gang, Inferno Tower, Princess, Arrows, Rocket
Mortar, Rocket, Ice Spirit, Zap, Fire Spirits, Knight, Archers, Inferno Tower+
X-Bow, Rocket, Ice Spirit, Fire Spirits, Zap, Knight, Archers, Inferno Tower
Golem, Baby Dragon, Musketeer, Lightning, Skeletons, Zap, Minions, Elixir Collector

Arena 4 Deck

clash-royale-fireball clash-royale-giant clash-royale-cannon clash-royale-arrows
clash-royale-witch clash-royale-musketeer clash-royale-minions clash-royale-knight

Arena 5 & 6 Decks

clash-royale-hog-rider clash-royale-skeleton-army clash-royale-fireball clash-royale-zap
clash-royale-goblin-barrel clash-royale-inferno-tower clash-royale-fire-spiritsclash-royale-musketeer

clash-royale-giant clash-royale-balloon clash-royale-musketeer clash-royale-barbarians

clash-royale-zap clash-royale-fire-spirits clash-royale-arrows clash-royale-minions

Arena 7 Deck

clash-royale-hog-rider clash-royale-giant clash-royale-musketeer clash-royale-barbarians

clash-royale-zap clash-royale-minions clash-royale-fireball clash-royale-elixir-collector

Arena 8, 9 , 10 & 11 Decks

electro-wizard-clash-royale clash-royale-graveyard clash-royale-poison clash-royale-knight

clash-royale-skeletons clash-royale-the-log clash-royale-archers clash-royale-furnace


clash-royale-goblin-barrel clash-royale-hog-rider clash-royale-skeleton-army clash-royale-goblin-gang

clash-royale-inferno-tower clash-royale-princess clash-royale-arrows clash-royale-rocket


clash-royale-mortar clash-royale-rocket clash-royale-ice-spirit clash-royale-zap

clash-royale-fire-spirits clash-royale-knight clash-royale-archers clash-royale-inferno-tower


clash-royale-golem clash-royale-baby-dragon clash-royale-musketeer clash-royale-lightning

clash-royale-skeletons clash-royale-zap clash-royale-minions clash-royale-elixir-collector

Some Other Decks









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