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Dishonored 2

Cheat Codes:
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This is the best Emily power we have seen yet. This gives you the ability to
connect and line up the faiths of your enemies. What this means is that
whatever you do to one enemy will happen to the rest. So, as in a “Domino
Effect”, one domino enemy falls victim to your powers and so do the others if
they were aligned properly.
Tips and Tricks for Beginners:
-=Save the Game=-
The game offers you three slots to save progress. So maintain a habit from
start to save the game in last position to avoid replaying some missions.
Manual save points are better than checkpoints and will save your time.

-=Collect everything you can find=-
When you are in an area try to investigate everything. Open the boxes,
cabinets, etc to find coins, cash, etc. This will be later used to buy a
lot of upgrades. So gather every possible item in the game.

-=The Alert Bar=-
Keep watch on the alert levels whenever you are moving in Karnaca. There
are guards everywhere. Your movement can alert the guard. Whenever you are
spotted you will see a white bar on the top of the screen. If turns red
then it is means danger. The bar will not remain all the time on the screen.
It is necessary to watch it once it appears. In case the bar turns read
and you are spotted then take down all those enemies who had seen you to
reduce your presence. You can also crouch and walk to avoid guards.

-=Health Levels=-
In middle of fight try to use Health vial to avoid much damage. The health
regenerates at slow rate. This will help you to get some time and you can
take down enemies in front of you. But if you get chance you can stand
aside somewhere and wait back for the health to recover. You can buy
health vial and add it in the inventory. On PS4 press L1 to and LB on
Xbox One to check the total amount of health in your inventory.

-=Wait for Mana to Regen=-
If you constantly use your powers your Mana will not regeneration fast
in the game. You have to ensure that you use the powers when it is needed.
There are limited resources provided in the game. When you use a power
like Far Reach, wait back and don’t use any other power instantly. The
Mana will regenerate and then you can utilize it again.

At some point you might see a lot of guards or hard to go ahead. The best
way to move is to use a distraction. Like noise or throw objects in wrong
direction. This will alert the guards and they will try to inspect it.
There are alarm clocks you can use for the same. You can also throw dead
guards in between a group for distraction.

-=Dark Vision=-
You will get Dark Vision later in the game. It is a highly effective
ability that can help you to ensure guards position no matter how sure
you are. You might land instantly into bunch enemies and will fall. So
try to use dark vision to avoid a direct one-on-one interaction with the

-=Use Blink=-
Blink spell in the game can help you to instantly teleport from one place
to another. You can use this at the time of gathering collections. You
must upgrade blink and keep it as a primary ability. As you upgrade you
will get higher distance coverage in teleportation.

-=Reach the Roof=-
In case you are ambushed by guards or enemies, reaching a higher point
will help you to get some time. You can then learn enemy position and
take them down one by one.

-=Bonecharm Crafting=-
This is a very useful in the game and important to learn. It will only be
possible after get ability to craft Bonecharm. It will cost 1 rune and you
can then go ahead to choose the traits. After unlocking you have pay Raw
Whalebone the make single Bonecharm.
Runes Location Guide:
Below is location of all Runes

-=Mission 1: A Long Day in Dunwall
No Runes

-=Mission 2: Edge of the World
* Look inside Whale corpse at the start of mission.
* Buy one from Black Market in Town.
* Check Overseer Building. You will find a safe on the 3rd floor.
Safe combination is 225. Or else you can check on the book and note on
the table for hint.
* Last one is in the Outsider Shrine, located on a short building before
reaching the canal.

-=Mission 3: The Good Doctor
* Reach the dining hall and towards left near table you can find one.
* Use Blink or Far Reach on the 4th Floor of Building to reach near a
window that has a Rune inside.
* Destroy Bloody nest in Recuperation Room to get Rune.
* Another one is located in the basement of the elevator.
You have to use Blink or Far Reach to get there.
* The last one can be found in Outsider Shrine located on the 4th Floor
alley. Use your heart.

-=Mission 4: The Clockwork Mansion
* Check for damage furniture behind the Carriage Station.
* Buy one from the Black Market in the area. You can also steal.
* Get in the Bloodfly building in Upper Aventa.
* You can get one Rune in Jindosh’s Lab, after using console.
Look for the anatomy module.

* In the main area of the district look for the place which is heavily
guarded, then look on the civilians left side for a building.
You can get a rune in Outsiders Shrine on the 3rd floor.

-=Mission 5: The Royal Conservatory
* There is a black market in the left part of Town.
* Go in the second floor of Conservatory for next one.
* On the roof of Ashworth’s office you can get a rune guarded by creepy dogs.
* One is in the Archives, you can find a key in the basement.
Use that to find a rune near Stairs and Elevator.
* An outsider’s shrine is located in the area.
You have to reach the top of building and disable traps.

-=Mission 6: The Dust District
* The first one is in the locker in building behind you after you meet
Captain Foster and get on the street.
* Look for an old building in Dust District, reach the second floor balcony.
* Another one is in evidence room locked in Overseer Building. You can get
the key from Overseers.
* An outsider’s shrine is located in an office on 3rd floor of Hand Saloon.

-=Mission 7: Crack in the Slab
* Cross steps and reaches at the top of Mansion 2nd floor.
* The second one is bit tricky. You have to use Valve’s wheel here.
First throw it towards the hole in the wall and then switch to present.
Jump ahead and get the wheel. Now enter the room filled with water, use
the valve to drain it and there you will find a Rune.
* The last one is in the right part of mansion. Find the window that has
some documents on it. You have to first go in past and kill workers.
Later you have to come back in the present, and climb to reach a broken
window on top. Again go in past first kill the soldiers.
At last you will get the Rune.

-=Mission 8:The Grand Palace
* Look for a building with windmill, a Rune is in the bathroom.
You can enter from roof.
* Another one is located in a storage area, you can go through the garden
side and use your hide to locate Rune.
* After leaving the black market look towards right for rocks. Then go ahead
to find some boards. Break them and you will find a cave with Outsiders Shrine.

-=Mission 9: Death to the Empress
* The final one can be bought from the Black Market.
Electroshock Machine puzzle solution:
The Electroshock Machine puzzle is at the end of Mission 4: The Clockwork Mansion,
when you finally meet with Kirin Jindosh. You can choose from two options. You can
kill Kirin or place him in the Electroshock Machine. If you choose the Electroshock
Machine, you have to create enough power to flip the switch next to the electric chair
Kirin is sitting in. There are two nearby terminals that you can use that list various
options such as Weaponry, Anatomy, Optics, etc. There is 11 power available and the
Electroshock Machine requires 7 — so you need to make sure the other two panels do
not exceed 4. To simply do this, select Anatomy and Optics to have enough power.
Easy Jindosh Lock combination solution:
In Mission 6: The Dust District, you will encounter the Jindosh Lock. The Jindosh
Lock combination is randomized and different for every player and changes with each
playthrough. However, you can easily solve it every time by creating a manual save
game at the start of the mission, when talking to Meagan Foster (before killing either
of the gang bosses). Then, kill and deliver one of the gang bosses to the other. They
will give you the combination for your Jindosh Lock. Write down the combination. Then,
reload the manual saved game you previously created. Go to the Jindosh Lock and enter
the code you wrote down to unlock it and get the “Eureka” achievement. This is also
very useful during a stealth run. Use the same method, then reload the manual save
and enter the code to skip the entire mission. After opening the Jindosh Lock, the
mission will immediately end.

Stilton’s Master Key location:
Shortly after Mission 7: A Crack In The Slab begins, you will receive the “Timepiece”
item that allows you to time travel. Immediately after getting the Timepiece, go to
the far end of the corridor. Switch between past and present time to get through it
undetected. You can also use it to see where enemies are in the other timeline.
Stilton’s Master Key is in the room at the end of the corridor. Switch to present
time when you enter the room, crawl under the table, switch to past time, and
collect the key to get the “Under The Table” achievement.

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