Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2 Cheat Code

Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: C.A.

Infinite Dragon Balls:
Dragon Balls are the most useful and iconic item in the game. There are
seven of them in total. Once you have found all seven, Shenron can be s
ummoned at the Dragon Ball Pedestal. He will grant you a wish. You will
get the “I Summon You Forth: Shenron!” achievement for making a wish.
You need to do this several times to unlock all characters in the game.
Always wish for a new playable character to unlock them all and get the
“I’ve Come For You!” achievement. Use the following method to get Dragon
Balls easily:

1.Play Parallel Quest #04: “Prepare For The Attack Of Saiyans!”
2.Defeat the first three enemies as quickly as possible.
3.A portal will appear, and shortly afterwards a group of Time Patrollers
will spawn. Stay in the starting area; do not go through portal yet.

4.Challenge the Time Patrollers to a fight and defeat them. Time Patrollers
always drop one of three item types: materials, equipment, and key items.
Look for key items, as they are always Dragon Balls. It will display the
type of drop at the bottom of the screen. If you get a key item, finish
the quest. If you do not get a key item, immediately restart the quest
and try again.

This method allows you to get one Dragon Ball approximately every three
playthroughs — roughly one every five minutes. You should be able to
farm all seven Dragon Balls within 30-60 minutes. It works online and
Easy food for Majin Buu:
Feeding Majin Buu at his house will make him bear children. You gain
access to this area after making some progress in the story. When he has
six children, he will give you a Distorted Time Egg, which is needed for
the secret ending and to reach 100% completion for the story. Feeding his
children can also provide some nice rewards, such as new clothing and
Super Souls. Feed a child multiple times for him or her to change colors
and unlock an achievement. You get food from collecting Blue Orbs in
Canton City. Collect some Blue Orbs, then complete one fight for
everything to respawn. Repeat this as many times as desired.
Play as Black:
At the character selection screen, press Down while scrolling through the
characters to find Black. He appears after Akuma.
Play as DB Super Future Trunks:
Successfully complete Story mode to unlock DB Super Future Trunks.

Play as Gogeta and Super Villain Janemba:
Successfully complete Parallel Quest 57: “Hells A Picture” to unlock Gogeta
and Super Villain Janemba.
Play as Great Saiyaman 1 and 2:
Pose for two people on a roof near the orange high school to unlock Great
Saiyaman 1 and 2.
Play as Hercule:
Towards the end of the story Hercule will appear in the city next to the
clothing shop. Applause him to unlock him.
Play as Super Saiyan God Goku:
Successfully complete Parallel Quest 67: “Power Of A Super Saiyan God” to
unlock Super Saiyan God Goku.
Play as Super Villain Yamcha:
Successfully complete Parallel Quest: “Yamcha Is Number One” to unlock Super
Villain Yamcha.
Vegeta’s alternate training armor:
Successfully complete Parallel Quest 65 to unlock Vegeta’s alternate training
Frieza’s Spaceship:
To enter Frieza’s Spaceship, reach Level 20 and give Appule a Med-Mix Capsule.
Money Cheat:
In turn, the Zeni you get from selling them at Item Shops can be used to buy things
like skills, items, and clothes.

1.Collect “Battle Suit (Turles)” gear by playing Parallel Quest 12: Simian Battlefront
(unlocked early on in the game), where the “Battle Suit (Turles)” gear and other Shard
& Crystal items will be items you get rewarded at random. — For example: By playing
the quest over and over for about 1 to 2 hours, you will get around 1 “Battle Suit
(Turles)” every 3 minutes, which is valued at over 20,000 Zeni each.

You only get awarded the “Battle Suit (Turles)” gear at completion of Parallel Quest
12 if you beat the enemies in this order: all Saibamen, Dodoria, Zarbon, Great Ape
Vegeta & finally fight Turles in the underground lake; This is required to get the
Ultimate Finish that awards you with Turles’ battle gear. The higher the Parallel
Quest number, the more money you can make. So if you’re a higher level character
(you should reach Level 50 after completing the story Campaign), then “Parallel
Quest 4: Prepare for the Attack of Saiyans” is recommended for farming money as
well, as you’ll net about 40,000+ Zeni from items like the Hercule Badge
(worth 8,000 Zeni) upon each completion. Finish each Parallel Quest at a high ranking
to make even more money as a completion reward.

2.After you’re done playing Parallel Quests for one or more hours, go visit an Item
Shop in the recreation plaza to check your winnings. At Items Shops with the robot
cashier/shopkeeper, you’ll be able to exchange won/found items for Zeni. So go there
and talk to the shopkeeper to Sell items for loads of cash!
Become a Super Saiyan:
To become a Super Saiyan, you first need to be a Saiyan. Then level up your character
to level 40. Next, you must fight Vegeta in the Capsule Corp. time rift. Fight and
defeat him a second time in that area and you’ll be able to obtain the Super Saiyan
ability from the Saiyan Awakening mission. You must speak to Bulma and Trunks and
defeat both Vegeta and Goku at the same time, while they are in their own Super
Saiyan forms.

How to Farm Dragon Balls:
1.As a first step, you need to create a new character in the game.
2.After the cutscene of the Toki Toki City hero statue revealed, in order to find
the first Quest Event, you need to complete all the objectives in the first story.
Then you will see a blue circle on the map is where you will find first Quest Event.
3.You need to defeat the NPC time patroller Sanud to complete first Quest Event.
4. Collect the Dragon Ball.
Unlock Broly as an instructor:
First, defeat Broly in Story mode. He appears a few times in the story. Complete the
Buu Saga, then search for Broly. He can be found hovering around the area where you
collect Parallel Quests, in between there at the World Tournament area. Fly close to
Broly, and he will attack you. Defeat Broly, and you will return to Conton City.
Refresh the city to make Broly available as an instructor. To refresh the city, you
can either do a quick mission or just create a Parallel Quest lobby and leave to load
back into the city. Note: You must be “God” rank before you can train with Broly, as
he does not appear before that.

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