• Infinite Fusion Cores

    Progress up until the point you are allied with the Prydwen. You can pickpocket a fusion core from one the Knights inside the ship (make sure you do not get caught). Once you pickpocket the fusion core from the Knight, he/she will come out of the Powersuit, replenish their fusion core and re-enter the powersuit. Once they are inside their powersuit again, pickpocket the fusion core and repeat. (be sure to quicksave after each successful attempt)

    Step1: Find a knight in a secluded area.
    Step2: Pickpocket the fusion core
    Step3: If successfull, quicksave (just incase)
    Step4: Wait for him to leave his powersuit and go back in it
    Step5: Repeat Step1-4

    Unlimited settlement size

    While at a settlement, drop all your extra weapons on the ground. Enter workshop mode, and click to store those weapons in workbench. This will trick the game into thinking it has more space and you will see your size actually drop. Just go back to your workbench and add them back to your personal inventory and repeat the steps again until you have enough space to build more.

  • Secret Items

    • Early Cryolator

      To obtain the Cryolator at the very beginning of the game without ever upgrading your lock picking skill, simply take dogmeat to vault 111 and the overseers office as soon as you get him. Once there, make certain the door to the ventilator room is open, then speak to dogmeat, choose the dialog options “fetch”, then “items” and – voila! Watch as he comically waltzed right up to the master locked case and plucked the Cryolator right out, before dropping it on the floor at your feet! To get the ammo for it, however, you will have to “trade” it back from his inventory.

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