Halloween Draft Challenge – Best Tips for Getting Skeleton Barrel !!!



Skeleton Barrel is a common Card which targets buildings, costing 3 elixir and unlockable from Builder’s Workshop (Arena 6).

Once destroyed, the barrel spawns 8 Skeletons on the ground, dealing lots of damage. The level of Skeletons deployed is equal to the level of the Skeleton Barrel.

In simple words, in comparison with other cards, Skeleton Barrel is a combination of Goblin Barrel and Battle Ram, as in that the Barrel acts as a shield for the Skeletons as the Ram does for the Barbarians but it doesn’t deal any damage when it comes in contact with a building or if it drops to the ground like the Goblin Barrel.

Basic Stats

Cost Speed Deploy Time Target Skeleton Count Transport
3 Medium (60) 1 sec Buildings x8 Air

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