Mega Golem Deck – The Beatdown God?

Hey, Guys!!  It’s your chinshit here again!

I know, I’m terrible with Beatdown, and the Average Elixir Cost could make people cry, but once HeroCow sent me a video of his awesome gameplay, I knew I just had to post this! So, without further delay, let’s get into this amazing deck!



As with any Beatdown, PUMP UP.

You will need any advantage you can get once Double Elixir hits.

Use your cheap cards to defend pushes so you can keep pumping.

Your starting hand/opening move will also matter a lot. Putting down a Pump or cycling Skellies is a great idea, whereas a Golem in the back first thing can actually result in you losing a Tower immediately!


Unleash total chaos! Golem pushes are OK at this time, and the Elixir you gathered from Pumps (if any) can be used as well.

Be sure to put both tanks into your push to maximize the potential of both cards.

Also, since Skeletons are insignificant on offense, save them in case of emergencies. !!!!

So that wraps up this amazing deck made by Chinshit HOpe you really enjoyed it! See y’all next time!

chinshit Author