Mega Knight Mortar – The Hybrid Deck !!!

Hey guys, it’s Chinshit back at it again this time with the focus on a more off-meta deck.

That’s right guys, as requested, here’s a hybrid deck!

This one combines the deadly duo of the Mega Knight and the Mortar.

so here’s a nice way to showcase this big daddy! Hope you guys enjoy!!!



Best starting moves:

  • Ice Golem/Musketeer/Minions (split)/Skeletons (split) in the back
  • Mortar at bridge (If opponent starts with heavy tank)

NEVER EVER play a Mortar at the bridge unless your opponent gives you a chance to punish as he can easily counter your Mortar, having 10 elixir in hand.

This is a hybrid deck so you can play this deck two ways: Passive siege or beatdown.

Don’t play your Mega Knight too early, make your opponent think you’re playing a regular old Mortar deck.

That’s what I like about hybrid decks; you can play one archetype style then stun your opponent!

Only use your Mega Knight in single elixir as a reactive move to a big Giant/Golem push.

You should be making Mortar pushes like Ice Golem+Mortar+Minions, without overcommiting and leaving yourself with no elixir to defend.

I see a lot of people spending so much elixir trying to defend their siege weapon that they end up having only 2 or 3 elixir to stop a Pekka and Miner combo, for example.

Mistakes like these can easily cost you a tower, and I feel like hybrid decks can be extremely difficult to play if you don’t have the right feel for them because you have to think: Do I want to play this deck this style or that style right now?

Get a feel for your opponent’s deck and rotation too, what kind of playstyle they have and if you can cycle in time to counter your opponent’s cards, and most importantly, win condition.

Around mid-game you should be cycling your Mortars by using Skeletons/Minions.

Try using Poisons right in front of your Mortar, so even if your Mortar dies you can get nice value against their troops.

If you are struggling with tower damage by this time, don’t use this tactic.

Remember, this is a hybrid deck so don’t be afraid to try out different tactics than what one would usually use in a single archetype deck.

Use your Mega Knight to defend your Mortar, he is very tanky and splashes everything trying to kill your Mega Knight. Combined with the Poison and one of either Minions or Musketeer.

Use Tornado to complement your pushes.

Here’s an idea: Place the Tornado so when the Mega Knight jumps on the troops, he also hits the tower and deals massive damage with each strike following as well!

In late game/overtime, build up big pushes, just spam everything behind the Mega Knight.

Even if you have no elixir, you have so much elixir on the field that your opponent will struggle to counterpush.

Overwhelm them with more Mortars, and just keep cycling Poisons and Mortars for the win!

chinshit Author