Nioh: Complete Edition Cheats

Nioh: Complete Edition

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: C.A.

Tips & Tricks:
-=Battle Tip: Watch the Ki Guage & Use Ki Pulse=-
Getting hit with an enemy attack while you have no Ki will put you in
an exhausted state (unable to perform any actions). Be sure to watch
your Ki Gauge as you fight. In addition, press RB after an attack as the
blue light coalesces around you to trigger a Ki Pulse and recover some
Ki instantly. On the other hand, if an enemy’s Ki Gauge is completely
empty, you will have an advantage in the fight. Human enemies will become
exhausted, and Yokai enemies will put a Guard Break effect on your weapon.

-=Battle Tip: Skills & Items=-
Use Skill Points to learn various Skills. There are both acttive and
passive skills for each weapon, as well as Ninja Skills and Onmyo Magic
Skills which will come in handy on your journey as well. If you find you
are having trouble with battles, take another look at your Skills.

-=Battle Tip: Ranged Weapons=-
Master ranged weapons to gain an advantage in your fights. Weak human
enemies will fall with one well placed shot to the head.

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