Project CARS 2 Cheats

Project CARS 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: C.A.

Easy “Hunting For Grip” achievement:
You must finish a clean lap on Fuji GP with “Storm” weather conditions
in under 2 minutes. For the “clean” requirement, it is important to
stay on the road and not to ram into anything. Enable all authenticity
options and HUD options, except for braking assistance.

This will make handling a lot easier and display a line on the road
that shows you when to slow down.

Go to Quickplay mode and set the following options:

* Car: “Formula X” from manufacturer SMS.
* Track: Fuji GP
* Weather: Storm
* Opponents: 0

Accept to start the race. In the tuning options, leave everything at
the default values. It will be raining with a lot of water on the road,
making handling a bit trickier. Your main objective is to make it
without driving off the road and without ramming into anything.

If you mess up, you can restart right away. This is not too difficult
since the Formula X is very fast. On the first lap, you will start slow,
but at the end of the lap you can drive through the goal at full speed
to save a few seconds for the second lap.

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