Shadow Warrior 2 Cheat Code

Shadow Warrior 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: C.A.

To activate the game’s cheat console, press CTRL+~ (TILDE, the key
above TAB). Once that has been done, you can enter some of the codes
below to enable the corresponding effects.

Code Effect
d_enable_cheats_menu – Cheats menu is enabled.
d_enable_level_select – Level select.
g_infinite_ammo – Unlimited Ammo.
p_slow_mo – Slow-motion.
d_autoaim – Auto-aim.

d_can_skip_cutscenes_first_time – Skippable cutscenes.
d_can_skip_dynamic_cutscenes – Skippable dynamic cutscene.
King Skeletor Weapon Location:
1. Locate the safe area with the shops.
2. Look for the forge near the shop.
2. Jump on the head of the armor(mannequin).
3. Look Right and double jump on the top of the roof.
4. Look left to see the window.
5. Press E and grab the Weapon.
Slow Motion Mode:
* Open the Pause Menu (while playing).
* Hold down Q while in photo mode for slow motion.
* While holding it, hit f9 to exit photo mode.
* Enjoy your Slow Motion.
Hidden developer room:
Go to the right of the front of the stage with the empty drum set at the
Wang Cave bar/strip club, then turn right (there are three steps to the
left) to find a locked door that you can walk straight through. On the
other side are stairs leading down into the hidden developer room with
a huge picture of the development team that made Shadow Warrior 2, as
well as a lot of in-jokes related to the crew.

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