Stellaris: Utopia Cheats

Stellaris: Utopia

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Chinshit.

The console can be accessed by tapping the ”tilde ~” (between the Tab and ESC keys)
while in-game. A complete list of console commands can be listed by typing “help”
in the console. Below are some that you might be most interested in.
Note: This won’t work in Ironman games.

Result Code
Cash. Add [amount]. Defaults to 5000.
example: Cash 10000 – cash [amount]
Adds Engineering points – engineering [amount]
Adds Minerals – minerals [amount]
Adds Influence – influence [amount]
Adds Physics – physics 50000
Adds Society – society [amount]
Add trait to species [species index]
[trait key] Example: add_trait_species
human intelligent – add_trait_species
Enables instant build – instant_build
Unlocks all technologies – research_technologies
Adds specified amount of specified resource – resource [resource] [amount]
Adds specified number of skills to leaders – skills [value]
Invincible / God Mode – invincible
Selected ship takes x damage – damage [amount]
Crash The Game – crash
Enable/Disable unlimited ftl – ftl
Enable/Disable contact with all – contact
Fills all free slots on selected planet
with pop. (Doesn’t remove tile blockers.)
[Select Planet] populate Survey all planets – survey
Re-generates the tech tree of the player – techuptade
Sets to game up for an overnight session.
Example: overnight 2 – overnight
Attempt to change computer lights with Alien FX – alienfx
Makes all fleets target all other fleets – attackallfleets
Toggles allowing player to change governments
without the time limit – free_government
Finishes all active researches – finish_research
Toggles allowing player to change policies
without restriction, including policies
previously disabled. – free_policies
Colony ships will no longer take time to
settle. – instant_colony
Used with tweakergui. Ships will teleport
instantly to right click cursor. FTL has no
spool up or travel time. Example: tweakergui
instant_move – instant_move
Toggles enemy AI on or off – ai
Jumps forward in-game days by specified value – fast_forward [value]
Instantly kills entire country – kill_country [country ID]
All AI-controlled nations never agree with
your deals and proposals. – debug_nomen
All AI-controlled nations always agree with
your deals and proposals. – debug_yesmen
Starts a ruler election. – election




Planet Resource Console Commands:
The ‘planet_resource’ command fills random tiles on a selected planet with a
definable resource.
Here is the full list you can enter into the command ‘planet_resource [resource name]’:

sr_lythuric – Lythuric gas
sr_alien_pets – Alien pets
sr_betharian – Betharian stone
sr_dark_matter – Dark matter
energy – Energy
engineering_research – Engineering Research
sr_engos – Engos vapor
food – Food
minerals – Minerals
sr_neutronium – Neutronium ore
sr_orillium – Orillium ore
physics_research – Physics research
sr_pitharan – Pitharan dust
sr_satramene – Satramene gas
society_research – Society research
sr_teldar – Teldar crystals
sr_terraform_gases – Terraforming gases
sr_terraform_liquids – Terraforming liquids
sr_zro – Terraforming liquid

chinshit Author