Ultra Mega Powerful Giant Deck !!!!


General Gameplan

First minute:

Playing passively is the key here.

Your job right now would be to make positive Elixir trades.

Play lone Bandit to figure out the general type of deck your opponent is running, and to find out what your opponent would use to counter Giant + MK.

You can make positive Elixir trades with the Elixir Collector (protect it at all costs). Be sure to follow the 4 Elixir Collector rules I mentioned above!

As for baiting their counters out (Inferno Tower/Dragon, P.E.K.K.A, Mini P.E.K.K.A, and other high DPS troops), attack by counterpushing!

For example, let’s say you defended a Hog push with Ewiz and Bandit. Simply drop a Giant to form a strong push!

But don’t use MK to counter push because he is just too risky, and doing so will blow your surprise factor.

If you successfully figure out your opponent’s counters, try to think about how to counter the counter(pun intended).

If your opponent’s high DPS troop is P.E.K.K.A, then I would drop an Inferno Dragon instead of ewiz behind Giant+MK. If it is Inferno Dragon/Tower, try to get ewiz to lock onto them!

But only put these actions into reality once the timer hits the Double Elixir time.

Second minute:

You should be making positive trades, perfecting out your cycle, and generally preparing for the massive push that will end your opponent at this minute.

You can still put down pumps if you want to, until 1:30. As for the cycle, your preferred cycle would be something like this:

Giant (to place at the back), MK, ewiz, spell, Bandit, etc.

Don’t forget to bait out their counters!

You should also have done some minor damage to be ready if your push fails. When the timer hits 1:10, put a Giant at the back, the side you are defending.

Last Minute – Overtime

Time to release the beasts!

After dropping a Giant, slowly put supports behind it. But make sure to be slow, because they might rush while you spent all of your Elixir on your push, or you could open a chance for a value spell.

After your push passes the bridge, drop everything!

You should have figured out their counters by now, so play accordingly to the situation.

If your push doesn’t take out the Tower, no worries! If their Tower HP is around 400, just defend and spell cycle.

If not, go into overtime and use all that positive Elixir trades you made early on!

chinshit Author